Saturday, May 10

1947: Dear Loyal Fellow Travelers...

Going Down
Female Bufflehead duck taking a feeding dive. From a floating start ~ in a blink ~ she's gone. When and where she'll re-surface is hard to predict... though it's fun to try.


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Friday, May 9

1946: Wary Duck

Wary Duck
A small female Bufflehead slowly cruising the opposite side of the pond apparently watching for predators. On my approach, some ducks slipped back into the reeds before I could fully survey the scene and set-up. I suspect they were the other members of her flock, as I received her undivided attention. She just paddled about. She made a couple of quick dives as if to say 'watch me... see, nothing here... move along.' The others did not re-appear. So I took a few shots of her and the hint.

Thursday, May 8

1945: Spring Signals

Spring Signals
Native wild Trillium in my garden. As yet, this showy wildflower is not up in the nearby forest. Several years ago, I planted a slightly different species of Trillium in my garden. This year the deer arrived and dined on them before they could flower. For some reason, they missed this and several other native volunteers. Now, they are ours to enjoy.